The average indigenous family from San Juan la Laguna (near San Marcos la Laguna) spends Q800 (approximately US$100) a year on treating illness related to improper trash management, according to the Fundación Solar.

We are working together closely with local health institutions, exchanging training programs for local health and sanitation promoters.


Health in Homes campaign:

Teach the relationship between trash and disease in the household.

Teach garbage separation and management solutions: compacting, recycling and reusing through trash construction.

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Work with every family individually through local indigenous health care and environmental promoters.

Bottle stuffing with Trash


by Susana Heisse

We expand the field of public health, to include the health of conscience and culture... that’s our generation’s greatest challenge!

The responsibility for a clean environment is the key factor to provide public health!

Contamination and global warming are becoming the greatest threat towards our society. The extreme exploitation of almost all the essential natural resources has become critical during the last century. This system that dictates artificial mass consuming to justify overproduction is leaving our planet on a brink of destruction. Individual and collective survival has become a challenge at many levels. Health in any aspect can only be promoted by understanding the cause of sicknesses and its relations with our environment. Providing basic solutions to the problems of contamination that we all face is necessary.

In order to change those conditions which cause health problems through the contamination of air, water and earth, it has become necessary to analyze and to be a ware of the chain reactions as much from a global view than from a personal point of view.


The most significant effort, with the greatest impact most first come about in our own consciousness!!!

...in the ancient Mayan culture food such as sugar, beans, tamales and fish, as well as trading objects like incense, Jade and Obsidian were wrapped in leaves....There clothes were woven with cotton, dyed with plants...There ropes for nets and string bags they rolled from the fiber of Maguey. Industrial forces under the guise of "development" swept also over Maya land. The introduction of a new synthetic material: "plastic", was only a small component of the widespread paralyzing culture shock. Yet the neglected education about the poisonous results and difficulties of disposing plastic waste have cause numerous direct and indirect related health problems of the most rural Mayan population, which not counts on any systems of trash collection or official trash dumps.

The “COSMOVISIÓN MAYA””, like so many old cultures, is integrating the human being as an equal and not superior part of nature. In fact: the creation of the human beings, -according to Mayan beliefs- had the purpose of protecting the beauty of the nature. This very aspect leads us to the most modern point of view:

Only in reconnecting ancient cultural wisdom with increasing awareness, strong conscience, aimed education, focused action, individual and collective responsibility and progressive concepts* the gap between humanity and nature seems to still have a chance to heal ! *Pura Vida!