Education in Action campaign:

learning about recycling

Educate students about alternative trash management through experiential learning, including: practical workshops, educational theatre, excursions and competitions

Work with local schools to provide a clean healthy learning environment



Circle of Life

Broken Circle

Recycled Circle

First we have to remember how nature was in times where human beings still lived in harmony with her, respecting all plants and animals. In one moment within the development of the humanity we have broken the circle of life and we left the respect for nature behind and without thinking we have contaminated all what we need to survive water, air and soil. Now we need to understand what consequence this contamination brings to the human being. To make our life quality better and save our planet, we need to change our attitude and live in harmony with nature. Let’s take care of our trash! Let’s create a recycling culture! We need all the ideas which can help to repair and recycle our broken circle. Only like this we can a sure a good life quality for all future generations!